What’s in a name?

In general we don’t get to choose our own names, they are given to us at birth, long before our personalities are evident to the world. In some cases they fit us perfectly, like the surfer who happened to be named “Brody” by his parents, or the diligent accountant named “Alan”. “Perfect”, you think to yourself.

But other times they don’t feel quite right….such was the case with our name….Mon Avis Design.

This name was inspired by the French saying “à mon avis”, which loosely translates to “In my opinion”. And although we still strongly believe in the sentiment behind the name, when the “à” was dropped for simplicity it became less obvious that the name was derived from French….and so it was often mis-pronounced in an excruciatingly English way. With a lot of stress on the “eh” (“eh”vis). There’s no faster way to suck all the cool out of a French name than by pronouncing it with an entirely English accent (and we’re not talking about the cool British type!).

After enduring this for a few years, we decided something must be done to stem the pain!! Besides, the name just didn’t seem to fully suit us as a firm any longer. We have grown in staff and in experience over the past 5 years, and inevitably we have developed a style that is decidedly ours. We wanted a name that reflected our core values , and our approach to design. Our mantra when beginning any project is simple: How does our client want to LIVE in their space? This is our jumping off point for any project, because the reality is that our lives take place in our homes, and in our workspaces. They are the sets in which the stories of our lives play out. And first and foremost,

We believe that spaces are meant to be LIVED in.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a room or piece of furniture is….if you can’t LIVE with it….it has no business being in your home. We believe homes and workspaces should pulse with life, and that homes in particular should feel as though the furnishings were collected over a lifetime (not purchased in one store, over the course of one week, one month, or one year). The most interesting spaces reflect the lives of their occupants, and immeasurably enhance the life lived within.

And so….LIV was born. But this time we already know her personality; and we are certain this name suits her perfectly.