We would describe ourselves as anything but “traditional” however, our Build service is what you likely think of when you imagine hiring an interior designer.

Only better.

We want to hear your story during our free initial consultation. If you want to work with us (and why wouldn’t you?), we’ll follow-up with a detailed email outlining our step-by-step process and a proposal, pricing everything out. While we love surprises when they come in the form of birthday celebrations, diamond rings from our husbands or that random $20 bill you find in your pocket, we assume you’re less than impressed when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. We quote everything up front.

We will create a 3D plan so that you can see and feel the function and flow of your space, and visualize furniture placement, paint colours and accessories. Once you have approved the plan and budget, we’ll move onto sourcing, ordering and doing everything in our power to get you the absolute perfect items for your home (even driving across the border to pick something up. Yes, we have done that before!)

And then comes the best part. It’s so good you may want to invite family and friends. It’s Reveal Day! We’ll bring everything over and put your space together all in one day, styling it right down to the very tiniest accessory. We’ll bring a price list for all of the accessories we used and you decide what you would like to keep. Everything else comes with us and we leave you with your beautiful new space, made only more exquisite by YOU in it.